Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Coffeenneuring #3: Monday, October 14th; Columbus Day

For Columbus Day, I went coffeenneuring in NW Portland. Went to a lovely little coffee shop that I'd heard of called Sterling. While there, I ran into fellow randonneur Alan, with whom I had a pleasant conversation. Really enjoyed the coffee in this small, elegant shop. It seemed very European, and the coffee was excellent.
After enjoying my coffee, I left and headed northwest with the intention of riding through Forest Park- taking the long way home. It was a really gorgeous fall day.
Just a few seconds after I snapped that shot, as I was approaching the Thurman Street entrance to the park, I ran into Joshua, who was heading the other way, having just ridden the same trail I was about to. We couldn't resist taking a moment to get a shot of his two creations together in the wild.
Then we hopped back on our steeds and headed our separate ways. Total miles: 26

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Sunrise over Little Tohama, from Ingraham Flats, 2007