Thursday, February 5, 2009

"The Captain is out of the office but will return your calls when he returns..."

That is what my work voicemail will say tomorrow. Well, perhaps a slightly more professional version, but you get the picture. Why? Because as of noon tomorrow, the Captain in on vacation. He'll be leaving his office and going right straight here:

That's right. Friday Harbor. The Captain's favorite vacation destination. Well, there and a few other places in the San Juans. Going there for a few days of R&R. Also, it's the centennial of the city of Friday Harbor, and many people- including the Captain- will be dressing in "period-appropriate" attire.

The Captain will also be visiting a number of his friends who live there, sampling some of the delightful microbrews and salmon fish and chips from the Front Street Ale House, and staying at his favorite guest house anywhere, The Juniper Lane Guest House.

Full report to come when the Captain returns. Meanwhile, a few photos of past trips. Enjoy!

The Captain's bike and sunset from Lopez Village.

Sunset from Lopez Village.

Sunset and sailboat from Odlin Park.

Friday Harbor Grange Hall.

Friday Harbor, early morning.

Juniper Lane Guest House.

Kayakers, San Juan Island. If you look closely at the horizon (click the photo for a larger version) about a third of the way over from the left and just below the horizon, you can see the spray from an orca.

Lighthouse at Lime Kiln State Park.

Friday Harbor.

You've seen this one before, but too bad- the Captain likes it. With First Mate Hairdo at The Crab Shack, Friday Harbor.

Port of Friday Harbor.

Sunset at Fisherman's Bay.

Mt. Baker from Upright Channel.

The Captain's bike at Vita's. Vita's has a special place in the Captain's heart, as it was the first place he ever went in the San Juans. Plus, it's just a killler place.

Pacific Madrone, Upright Head.

The Captain checking out the scene at the harbor.

Foggy sunset, from Upright Head.
The Captain could bore you for hours with pictures and stories about the San Juans- and trust me, he will!- but for now he must go and have a beer with some friends. He'll talk to you when he comes back from the islands!

Sunrise over Little Tohama, from Ingraham Flats, 2007